The mission of EBED Community Improvement, Inc. is to inspire a life of
hope with opportunities for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
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Vocational Support

EBED offers a wide variety of structured activities, supportive therapy, and opportunities for vocational skill-building that enrich the lives of those we serve. All of this occurs in local neighborhoods, offering each adult the chance to make new friends and take part in their communities.

We offer center- and community-based day programs that serve individuals who live in our residential programs as well as those who live with family, independently or with other providers.

Individuals can access volunteer opportunities that teach valuable workplace skills. Depending on each individual’s interests and personal goals, opportunities will vary based upon each person skills, interest, and availabilities.

At EBED, we know that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities want to spend their days achieving new goals, interacting with others, and enjoying meaningful activities. Our vocational support services offers opportunities with unique themes such as volunteering at Martha’s Tables where individuals who want to develop culinary work skills with food preparing; Villa Rosa Nursing Home where individuals who want to develop work skills in hospitality and customer service; Adopt a Park/Trail Program with the Senior Park Rangers of Prince George’s County where individuals who want to develop construction and development skills where they assist Park Rangers with preservations of parks and trails and monitoring bluebirds (Prince George’s County mascot bird) by observing assigned bird boxes to ensure the safety of eggs and rebuilding/repairing bird boxes when needed. With staff providing flexible and person-centered services for individuals we serve, we will continue to innovate our Day Programs to ensure that each individual has the opportunity to develop the desired vocational skills to be successful in gaining competitive employment.

EBED also has several career development programs geared towards readying individuals to move on to competitive employment in the community. Some of the career programs we have are Business Management skills which prepares individuals for a variety of positions in an office setting; Customer Service, Hospitality & Tourism skills that introduces individuals to a wide variety of hospitality career opportunities; Mailroom Training that prepares individuals for employment in UPS retail stores, as well as other printing, packaging and shipment stores and mailrooms located within the community.

There is no limit to our career development programs, here at EBED we listen to each and every individual’s desire when it comes to their career paths and commit to ongoing development of new career programs based on their desires/choices.

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